Searchers & Hollies Experience

S&H Poster - Regent

The Searchers and Hollies Experience……The best of both worlds brings to the stage  the magical hits of two ledgendary harmony bands. Each hit brings back a memory of the most high energy decade in pop music history.   Let the haunting melodies transport you to the exciting era when millions of records were sold.

The Searchers, from Liverpool, made their debut with the rise of MerseyBeat.Their very first recording, ` Sweets For My Sweet ` went to number 1 in the charts. This was followed at No.2 by their third  single, ` Sugar And Spice.’ They then went on to have many more memorable chart hits. Who can forget `Needles And Pins`and `When You Walk In The Room`. They had many other hits and became part of the british invasion of the American charts alongside The Beatles.

The Hollies, from  Manchester, were also pushed forward with the rise of MerseyBeat as they played many of the same venues as the Mersey groups . The Hollies are known as the most successful British singles band ever – having had chart hits in  every decade since the `60`s.  Catchy, melodic tunes are their trademark and they have had phenominal chart success. `Stay`, `I Can`t Let Go`, `Bus Stop`, `Sorry Suzanne`, `He Ain`t Heavy He`s My Brother` Here I Go Again`, `Just One Look` and the haunting `Air That I Breathe` are just a few of their hits.

The FOD BandThe Searchers and Hollies Experience is performed by the FOD Band who have been together since 1983. They have a particular insight into the Searchers music having backed Tony Jackson, the original lead singer of The Searchers. When Tony Jackson returned to performing in the 90`s, The FOD Band were selected by Tony, to back him under The The Tony Jackson Group banner. The FOD band have also appeared with  Eric Haydock`s Hollies, a band that Eric Haydock, the original Hollies bass guitarist formed in the 1990`s. FOD love the  harmonies and the melodic material these groups recorded, and this is what motivated them to combine the two groups hits into  this exciting 2 hour tribute show featuring over 30 hit songs.